This should be periodic on any blog: Search Queries Answers :-)

So, every now and then I am throughly surprised by search engine queries people use to bump on my blog. It had occured to me that every decent blog should have periodic Q&A post concerning those.

So, here are some of the best, in one way or another, questions my visitors asked the almighty Google:

  • Is Kindle 4 the same as Kindle Paperwhite?
    Seriously? No.
  • Difference between kindle 4 and 5
    Fifth generation has holographic celebrity readers for audiobooks. I just love looking at William Shatner reading Oscar Wilde in my bed… living room.
  • Christianity compared to other religions
    Rly? There are thousands of Gods I don’t believe in.
  • Croatian muslims
    There aren’t any. We’ve eaten the last one during Ramadan.
    (I’m joking of course, it wasn’t during Ramadan).
  • Croatian jews
    Yes, we’ve had those also.
  • Croatian numbers
    This reminds me of some jokes.
  • Dog skeleton model
    Look… I don’t even want to know.
  • Background dog
    He is coming up behind you…
  • Girly novels
    Wink wink.
  • hrvati o srbima (Croats about Serbs), hrvati vs srbi (Croats vs Serbs)
    Croats and Serbs, they go on my nerves. Oscar Wilde
  • Hrvati su srbi (Croats are Serbs)
    No, we’re not. Bre. We’re also not Turks.
  • What do croatian people look like?
    We are short, have hunches on our backs and we love money.
    Just kidding, we have no money. We gave all of it to the Russians in exchange for their oranges.

Now, seriously:

  • queries related to PHP and LDAP (bunch of them)
    I am honestly surprised how many of those come by. There is obviously a lot left to be said on that subject.
  • queries related to jailbreaking Kindle
    How do you people end up on my blog with all the other references? But ok, go here, links are at the bottom of the post.


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A developer living and working in Germany. Wannabe opensource contributor. Feeling strong of some social issues.

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