Anatomy of PHP Shells – my talk at FSEC conference

You can check out my latest talk at FSEC, regional security conference (held at FOI university in Varaždin, Croatia) here at SlideShare. Please leave a comment if you are interested in seeing the slides and SlideShare is not good enough for you, for any reason. :-) Holding a talk at FSEC conference was a pleasant experience. […]

Word of advice: Escaping LDAP filter values in PHP

Second “word of advice” for PHP programmers is kind of related (and also referenced in) to the previous post in the series. We are going to cover escaping of LDAP values in LDAP queries initiated from PHP. Introduction to the problem Honestly, often it seems that LDAP support in PHP alone is a second class […]

Word of advice: PHP authentication against LDAP service

I see this problem a lot in various PHP scripts which are connecting to LDAP service.. Problem is not isolated to PHP environment only, but for some odd reason, PHP developers in majority end in this pitfall, while developers on using other popular programming languages usually handle this issue better. Introduction to the problem LDAP […]

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