Repost: Oh yes, let’s please treat Greece the same way Germany was treated

This blog entry was first published about a year ago on Medium, and I’ve wanted to revisit it as we are around of the anniversary of the spike of Greek debt crisis. Noteworthy introduction: where is Greece, and all of us, today, a year after this blog post was initially published? In short – fucked up […]

There are sincere revolutions

This revolution is an US, EU, communist, capitalist, etc… propaganda The position of the cynic is that he alone holds some piece of terrible, unvarnished wisdom. The paradigmatic cynic tells you privately, in a confidential low-key voice: “But don’t you get it that it is all really about (money/power/sex), that all high principles and values […]

Few thoughts on Syria, US interventionism and all that stuff

This basically started as a comment to a Facebook status of one friend who lives in US. I felt a need to make it a blog post, despite my wish to keep politics out of this blog. Kelly asked a really good question, concerning US intervention in Syria but also a generally very good question […]

2011 Census results in Croatia, and historical retrospective

During the 2011, Croatian government organized regular census of population which is made once every 10 years. And this last census brought some interesting and some even amusing figures: Disturbing fact is that this census evidenced the decrease of population in Croatia during last 10 years by approximately 152.000 (152 thousand!) people (reference). For some […]

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