This should be periodic on any blog: Search Queries Answers :-)

So, every now and then I am throughly surprised by search engine queries people use to bump on my blog. It had occured to me that every decent blog should have periodic Q&A post concerning those.

So, here are some of the best, in one way or another, questions my visitors asked the almighty Google: Continue reading “This should be periodic on any blog: Search Queries Answers :-)”

Kindle 4 owner’s take on the Paperwhite

Yeah, obviously, as soon as I’ve realized Paperwhite actually ships to Croatia, I’ve ordered one in order to upgrade my Kindle-istic experience of bookreading. I’m writing this short “review” as a user who previously used (and at the time of writing this still owns) Kindle 4 (black one, 2012 edition).

Paperwhite comes packages in literally the same kind of the box as all the older Kindles. Existing owners will have a general idea what I’m talking about and for new buyers – packaging is excellent. You can be fairly sure your Kindle will survive all the odds of the travel, even across the world.

Continue reading “Kindle 4 owner’s take on the Paperwhite”

2011 Census results in Croatia, and historical retrospective

During the 2011, Croatian government organized regular census of population which is made once every 10 years. And this last census brought some interesting and some even amusing figures:

  • Disturbing fact is that this census evidenced the decrease of population in Croatia during last 10 years by approximately 152.000 (152 thousand!) people (reference). For some of the big nations this wouldn’t be a big matter. But that number is close to 3% of the previous census (2001.) population. There are multiple reasons for that, but having in mind we had kind of financially prospoerous years between 2001. and 2008., main reason for this decrease is more likely everlasting low natality issue and not emigration. Although, since 2011. and in the following years, emigration is also to become major reason for national depopulation. But that’s the subject for some other blog post.
  • There are actually 6 Jews in Croatia which have declared themselves also Serbian minority (reference). I would like to meet them and buy them beer, since I’m quite convinced they have basically trolled the census workers. ;) Continue reading “2011 Census results in Croatia, and historical retrospective”

The unlikely winner of the instant messaging wars

Recent news (well, still speculations) of Microsoft dropping the Live messenger in favor of Skype made me think… Instant messaging market was a fairly crowded space invaded by many proprietary solutions and one widely adopted open standard. For a long time, it seemed like proprietary solutions are winning the war, but in the end (probably due to failure of big players to monetize their services through advertising models) the last man standing will be the open XMPP standard. What the heck happened? Continue reading “The unlikely winner of the instant messaging wars”

50 shades of unbearable

I have made a vicious mistake this weekend. I have allowed my thinner half to make me try reading first book from the 50 shades trilogy. As open as I am towards new experiences (I have tried reading novels written by and for women before to please my ex girlfriends), I’ve thought this might even be a worthy ride. Yeah, so the book is probably written for women so much, that someone with less tolerance could wish to murder somebody after reading it, but I can deal with it. I’m mentally strong and all that. At least I can get through that experience totally indifferent at worse.

So, yeah, I’ve picked it up. Started reading it. Continue reading “50 shades of unbearable”

software_versions python module “stable” release

10 months ago, in the company I work for, we have started (as a part of some process automation)  working on the software_versions python module. To make a slightly long story very short: it’s a module which is meant to be used for checking the current stable versions of various open source vendors software. Right from the start it we’ve released it as open source project.

To make short story bit longer: Continue reading “software_versions python module “stable” release”

Tip: very rudimentary session management in Vim

Edit: As it usually goes, I’ve realized I might want to work on this some more. So, the rudimentary sessions is now a Vim bundle, available on GitHub:

My development tools are basically split into 3 categories:

  • Eclipse for big projects,
  • Sublime Text 2, for most of the open source projects and smaller job projects,
  • Vim for “shotgun-development“, when I need to do something quickly and immediately.

That being said, through the years, I’ve got to get used to Eclipse way of handling projects (in terms of keeping record of project files and project specific configurations on the filesystem). Eclipse creates
file inside base directory of your project where everything related to the project is kept. I find it useful, because I don’t have to think extra of what to include in backup process. :-)

So today I pretty much expect every editor I use on part-time basis to be able to store project/session data in similar way. Sublime does it – although it doesn’t come with built-in centralized project repository, when you save main project file and project workspace file, they can be saved pretty much anywhere. I tend to keep them in project’s directory (with obligatory entries for
in .gitignore/.hgignore of course!). Continue reading “Tip: very rudimentary session management in Vim”

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